AB's Golden Matrix

Decentralized Ethereum Smart Contract

A completely new, never done before, and extremely innovative Decentralized Ethereum Smart Contract operating in the Affiliate Marketing Industry. A smart contract is a computer program or a transaction protocol which is intended to automatically execute, control or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement.

"If you have not joined this smart contract then you are wrong and missing a great deal. Do you know you can possibly get money flowing into your eth wallet while you are asleep or reclining or enjoying your holiday. All thanks to AB Golden smart contract...

Azeez Adegbite

Golden Affiliate, Facebook Comment

Total Partners

"This is a very good Smartcontract peer to peer.. No need to worries about your profit cause it goes directly to your wallet.. Thanks for this good opportunity to be part of this project.. 💯💯"

Shanelle Maxine Zacarias

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What is AB's Golden Matrix?

AB's Golden Matrix is the very first Affiliate Marketing  Fully-Automated Ethereum Smart Contract that executes every transaction wallet to wallet. This is a Decentralized Smart Contract operating on the Etheereum Blockchain for an Eternity!

How Does AB's Golden Matrix Work?

AB's Golden Matrix is a very simple 1 x 2 Automatic Binary Matrix that is very similar to Million.Money. AB's Golden Matrix has 7 Matrices with only 2 Level's in each Matrix. The smart contract Automatically upgrades your level's and matrices with wallet to wallet transactions. The system only requires each new affiliate to recruit or refer 2 new affiliates in order to make a profit. There are many strategies team affiliates or an individual affiliate can use in order to effectuate building a perfect binary tree.

Can AB's Golden Matrix be Hacked?

AB's Golden Matrix is a Verified Ethereum Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain which means the Smart Contract cannot be hacked or changed by anyone, not even the creator of AB's Golden Matrix. 

Can I Lose Profit in AB's Golden Matrix?

No, you cannot lose profit in AB's Golden Matrix. Due to the automation in the contract the timing of which certain legs are filled will be the timing of which the very top ID in each team is paid. This is why it is very important as a leader to build your structure’s in a left to right manner, making sure that each ID receives two downline’s each, to ensure that you as a leader as well as your downlines are paid on time. Stronger sub-leaders can cause their top-leader to get stuck due to growing their particular legs out too fast which would require the top-leader to wait for certain payments later on due to the automatic nature of the smart contract. Please also keep in mind that you cannot lose profit in this smart contract, you will only be waiting longer to make the payments that may have skipped you earlier. Making sure that the top-leader as well as all sub-leaders are on the same page recruiting and registering wise - is the key to ABs Golden Matrix success.

Can my Donwline Overtake my Position?

Yes, your downline does have the ability to overtake your position if you do not keep your structure even. 

Does AB's Golden Matrix have Spillover?

Absolutely, AB's Golden Matrix is a 1 x 2 Binary Matrix that supports the spillover feature by using the same link over and over again. The Smart Contract algorithm will keep your structure even in a left to right - bottom-up manner.

Is AB's Golden Matrix a "Pyramid Scheme"?

No, AB's Golden Matrix is not a Pyramid Scheme. AB's Golden Matrix is solely dependent upon's each member's performance. Every member is responsible for their own account and ultimately their own success within the program. 

The principle of a pyramid scheme is that the majority of money received is concentrated in the hands of its creators. The earlier you arrive, the more you earn. A pyramid scheme can be closed at any time, AB's Golden Matrix is an Ethereum Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain that cannot be changed, deleted, hacked, or stopped. No one can terminate the platform’s operation, since its functionality is ensured by a smart contract, which cannot be erased or altered. Even if the website ceases to function, all the data and the entire matrix structure will remain intact, and the smart contract will continue to function, as long as there is electricity and internet access. The website only serve's as a User Interface to operate the smart contract in a more User Friendly way.

Do I have to withdraw my profit with AB's Golden Matrix?

No, there is no withdrawal process with AB's Golden Matrix. Every single transaction is wallet to wallet. Every profit payment and every upgrade payment is wallet to wallet. AB's Golden Matrix is the very first Affiliate Marketing Smart Contract to operate in this manner.

Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Do I need to Register?

AB's Golden Matrix accepts the following DApps wallets:

Android: Trust Wallet - Enjin - Coinbase - MetaMask (Kiwi Browser)-

iPhone: GoWallet - Coinbase Wallet

PC/Laptop: MetaMask - Brave Browser (https://brave.com/abs357 - built in MetaMask Wallet earn crypto while you browse), Chrome Browser and FireFox. 


Why don't my profit's match the PDF?

100% this is due to your structure being uneven. AB's Golden Matrix has been extensively tested by our Top Leaders and Creators and the Smart Contract is working perfectly. If you need help to figure out how to place your new members please visit at https://t.me/absmartcontracts for further instruction.

Where can I find Marketing Materials for AB's Golden Martix?
How do I Register with AB's Golden Matrix?

Please view this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--BQJOh424o

Should you need further help please visit the Telegram Official Group for help: https://t.me/absmartcontracts

How much can I earn with AB's Golden Matrix?

Each and every single affiliate has the ability to make 218.60 Ethereum coins with each and every cycle an affiliate complete's. AB's Golden Matrix Smart Contracts do not expire, which means this is a Generational Smart Contract - bigger than a lifetime!

Who are the Creator's of AB's Golden Matrix?

AB's Golden Matrix creator's are two like-minded Crypto Fanatics from two different countries - Russia and America united with one common goal of Community Crowdfunding in the truest form with an eye on the FUTURE!

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