The Automation work’s by paying your wallet in multiple 0.05 ETH payments in order to equal the total amount of profit to be received in a particular Matrix on a certain level.

Example Wallet Payments to Receive:

Matrix 1 : 2 payments (0.05 x 2 = 0.10ETH)

Level 1: 1 payment 0.05 ETH

Level 2: 1 payment 0.05 ETH

Matrix 2 : 6 payments (0.05 x 6 = 0.30ETH)

Level 1: 3 payments 0.05 ETH (0.05 x 3 = 0.15ETH)

Level 2: 3 payments 0.05 ETH (0.05 x 3 = 0.15ETH)


AB’s Golden Matrix Automatic Smart Contact will Automatically upgrade you to the next level as well as move you from Matrix to Matrix Automatically.

This is a Recruiters Dream that eliminates the need of  manually upgrading or having to contact downline’s to upgrade their levels!

AB’s Golden Matrix will Automatically move you to Level 2 on your second automatic payment of 0.05 ETH in Matrix 1. The system will then upgrade you to Matrix 2 on your last three payment’s received through your second line partner’s equaling 0.15 ETH the upgrade cost for Matrix 2 Level 1.

The Smart Contract has no bank! Every transaction is 100% Wallet to Wallet and Scam Proof!


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